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Was-up guys. I’m Sumit Chauhan and today we are talking about 5 easy summer outfit ideas that every guy should try this. I understand this summer is so hard to be stylish and when it’s a hundred degrees out and all you want to do is wear shorts in a t-shirt. But for my guys out there that actually want to work toward being more stylish. I decided to compile a lookbook of five different looks that you can pull off the summer to stay cool to stay stylish and to stay comfortable. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to get more fashion content and fashion inspiration.

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Summer Clothes Ideas

Wearing Short Sleeve Shirt Over a Long Sleeve Tee

The first summer outfit idea that you can do is wearing a short-sleeve shirt (click this link to buy a Short shirt) over a long sleeve tee. This is a layering move most guys they’re not smart enough to pull or even Noah. But to keep things light and still make your outfit complex with layering. Wrap a short sleeve bind down preferably something bold and layer it over a long-sleeve t-shirt. Now you also take Hawaiian kind of short sleeve shirts because they look cool and eye-catching for the summer because it’s colorful. Listen because of this you don’t want to look like a walking street light. So you’re gonna want to subdue it the base layer should be something more neutral white or black is always the best way to go.

Summer outfit

Wear Open Weave Sneaker

The second summer outfit idea that you can do is wearing open weave sneakers(Click this link to buy amazing weave sneakers). This is another outfit killer this is around an open weave sneaker. Literally you can’t forget about everything else in this outfit the centerpiece are those sneakers. These texture slip-on sneakers pretty much scream summer. They have that open weave design which is ultra-functional because it allows for maximum airflow. But more importantly, It’s such a unique design that it’s so eye-catching and like I said you could wear this with anything you can wear. Like I’m talking about you can wear with shorts you can wear with anything in the sneakers. The sneakers always are the centerpiece making you look extra styling.

Summer outfit

Wearing A Denim Shirt As A Denim Jacket

The third summer outfit idea is wearing a denim shirt(Click this link to buy a denim shirt) as a denim jacket. Here’s another layering secret that you can do for summer. You already know that denim jackets are extra cool to layer in the cooler months like you’re falling spring. But summer hits and temperature 90plus. There’s no way in hell you’re wearing a jacket that’s thick. Here’s your solution just layer a denim shirt as if it were a denim jacket. It’s way lighter than your average jacket but also way thicker than your average shirt. It’s that perfect in-between which technically makes it an over shirt making it perfect for a summer outfit that you can layer and still remain cool.

summer outfit

Wear Light Colored Denim

The fourth summer outfit is all around light-colored denim jeans. You already know light color denim is in I don’t have to tell you this again. I’m a sucker for with dark wash denim but light light ones for summer make a perfect pair. These allow you to feel cool throughout the day versus some black jeans that will literally absorb all the light and cook you in the sun. They also, look great when you combine your light color denim with bold color shoes. You also wear a bold color shirt with light denim that looks like a neutral base color that will anchor down bold pastel flowery shirt. You decide to pair.

summer outfit

Wearing Drawstring Shorts

The fifth and final summer outfit is wearing drawstring shorts. Obviously it’s summer you’re gonna be wearing short how can you take that up a notch drawstring short. There is especially in a street way and the linen shorts look well-tailored. This is more for the menswear crowd there’s still drawstring but they aren’t that oversize fit. So you can dress them up versus just wearing them casually even better these are made for linen. So they’re super breathable and light but the best part of these shorts is I like to say that you can wear them with your t-shirt and say your slip-on sneakers.

Even try to dress them up a bit with some penny loafers and a polo shirt and it’s both layers they look good. The benefit of drawstring shorts on top of being trendy is that they have an elastic waistband. This is something you can wear all day in the summer and fell ultra-comfortable because you don’t have to be wearing a belt.


So guys this is my 5 summer outfit ideas that you can try. I hope you like this blog and Don’t forget to subscribe to my page and stay connected with me. Also, follow me on Instagram for more fashion inspiration and ideas. See you next time

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