5 Pants That Every Guy Must Have.


Hey, guys was-up. I’m Sumit welcome to my blog. Today we are talking about 5 pants that every guy must-have. Only 5 pants that’s it that all you need. So many people go to shopping and thinking about shirts jackets or shoes. It is not your fault and those people go to the store and … Read more

How To Look Good In A T-Shirt and Jeans


Hey, guys wassup. I’m Sumit and today we are talking about how to look good in a t-shirt and jeans. Over the years I have perfected the t-shirt and jeans look. People had no idea how to make a simple outfit look cool. They probably are sometimes when you wearing a t-shirt and jeans you … Read more

Best men fashion trends for 2020.

Soo guys wassup. So here we are back with another blog with top trends fashion for 2020. A year for breaking all barriers and going all out on your outfits. So let’s goo. Hardcore Biker Jackets. This is actually my favorite trend if you love your leather jackets but this is even better it’s bold … Read more