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Was-up guys. I’m Sumit Chauhan and today we are talking 6 grooming mistakes that you need to stop. I’m always talking about grooming tips and tricks now this time I’m talking about grooming mistakes that you need to stop. I don’t want you messing up with your skin, or how your overall look. So today I’m gonna go over the top six mistakes that every guy makes, and you need to stop. It could be ruining your handsomeness. Let’s get into it. Guys don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to know more about fashion follow me on Instagram.

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Men Grooming Mistakes

Go Too Long Without a Haircut

One, the first grooming mistake I see guys making all the time, you go too long without a haircut. Here’s an unwritten rule that I just completely made up, but totally makes sense and reinforces this tip that I’m trying to get across. Men should be going to the barbershop at least Once a month. Unless you have a long Mane This probably doesn’t apply to you, but any other guy Which is like 99% of guys. If you have a medium to a short hairstyle that exposes your hairline the same hairline that completely just loses its borders and makes you look like a hobo if you don’t go to the barbershop and get it cleaned up regularly.

Grooming Mistakes

Using So Much Hair Products

Two, you’re using way too many hair styling products. If you’re the guy that’s applying a sea salt spray for texture, a pre style to avoid the heat damage, Then a cream to nourish and moisturize your hair, then adding You’re actually styling product like your clay or your pomade to actually hold in your hair, And then finally tying it all off with some hairspray. Let’s just say you could be causing more harm than good. There is such a thing as chemical damage and just like heat damage is irreversible causes split ends and Completely kills your hair. Using less product will give your hair a natural silky flow, which is ten times more attractive and also less expensive.

Grooming Mistakes

Not Applying Shaving Cream Properly

The third thing that guys get wrong all the time is when it comes to shaving. You’re not applying Enough shave cream or shea butter, whatever it is that you use Every time you shave. You see if you are shaving and then you have to reshape that same area. So let’s say you didn’t get that hair and you’re not reapplying some cream or butter before you shave again, You’re doing it wrong and you could be severely harming your skin.

Think about it a sharp blade going over and over and over again the same area, That’s what causes irritation. You’re literally cutting off a topical layer of your skin because you’re not adding a protective layer that the butter or the cream is giving. A good way to avoid all of that and having to reapply and shave and shave again is by not using dull razors and using a high-quality razor with extremely sharp blades.

Grooming Mistakes

Don’t Remove Body Hairs

The fourth grooming mistake I see all the time is untamed body hair. You see your body hair is just as important as your facial hair. Sadly most guys don’t even pay attention to it or even take care of it. And there’s nothing more unsightly than being in public and see guys with pubic hairs coming out of their chest, or their backs, or their Armpits, Not grooming these areas is a mistake I see constantly, when I go to the gym when I go to the mall, and good news for you guys I don’t have to worry about it. Most of this stuff is so easy to tame and groom, You just need a good trimmer. And if you want to know more about a full-body grooming routine, check my all grooming blog.

Grooming Mistakes

Bad body odor

The fifth grooming mistake I see tons of guys making is using colognes, to try to mask their bad body odor. So you see a lot of guys, especially young guys, I remember back when I was in school, a lot of kids would carry a cheap bottle of Axe and their backpack for Emergencies when they had a bad odor, to kind of mask it. But see masking your odors isn’t gonna make it any better. Actually, My opinion it might make it worse because it’s gonna bring more attention to the bad odor because now it’s a bad odor With a strong cheap scent behind it.

Most of the body odor is because of bacteria. Bacteria that builds up because of moisture. What you want to do kill moisture, avoid the bacteria, avoid the body odor. Then you don’t need to worry about carrying an emergency scent and you can actually wear a quality fragrance That’s gonna make you smell amazing.


Wash Your Hair Daily With Shampoo

And finally number six, you’re washing your hair too often. When you shampoo your hair every day, It’s basically just stripping it from all the oils, all the nutrients, and leaving it flat and dull. If you want that, fine. But if you want luscious, silky, hair locks, you want to wash your hair either every other day or every three days. On the days that you don’t wash your hair, don’t use shampoo. Just rinse out your hair with water. That way It’ll remove any sweat, any dirt, and any products, without actually stripping it from its nutrients.


And that’s basically it guys Those are the top six grooming mistakes, I see men making all the time And I hope you never do. If you guys liked this blog and found that informative Don’t forget to drop us a comment down below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @wefashionation. See you next time.

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