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Was-up guys. I’m Sumit Chauhan and you know we talked about girls here on this page a lot. Today I’m talking about the simple mistakes that make girls reject you. If you’re a subscriber to my page so you know and learn how to talk with a girl or how to dressed way that girls attract on you. But the problem with that is when you start doing everything for girls every action you take. You’re thinking about how that’s going to affect your game with girls well guys that’s not good. Maybe you’re going a little bit too far maybe you’re becoming more and more what we call a zerk. I get it men are the ones chasing the girls typically but come on guys it’s Time to turn to a new chapter of life.

Start Focusing on yourself and they will stop rejecting you because they will see how much you have grown. Guys don’t forget to follow me on Instagram or Facebook to become a part of our wefashionation family on social media. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my page.

Mistakes That Make Girls Reject You

Always Thinking About Girls

The first mistake you make that girl reject you are always thinking about girls. Don’t make everything you do about girls ever all right it sounds hard but it isn’t. You have to put yourself first in your dreams your goals who you want to be in life. That shouldn’t all change just because a girl rejected you and you think maybe I should change my goals maybe I should change my value. You start doubting yourself and that is never good because your confidence just goes away. So instead of spending all of their time thinking maybe those clothes will get me that girls think do I like these clothes.

I’m happy wearing these clothes and you know what if you’re happy wearing those clothes that I’m sure some girls are loving it too. Think about this way you’re actually gonna get rejected less if you work on yourself first if you are a positive person. If you have confidence because we all know that is attractive so stop always thinking about girls put yourself first.

Always Saying Yes

The number two mistake you make those girls reject you are always saying yes. You know once in the while saying it is okay to say no. When you have a different opinion about girls a subject it’s completely fine for you to disagree with them. You don’t have to say yes to everything I know you show being nice and that’s okay once in a while. But you have to say no and you have to be your own person. Otherwise, you’re just sitting there saying yes to everything and following this person line. Now, don’t take this wrong way don’t be negative and disagree with everything. Just because you want to seem like you have your own life together all right but have your own opinions. Girls will like that and trust me they will respect you a lot when you do that.

Being Too Desperate

The number three mistake that makes girls reject you are being a way to desperate. If you’re the type of guy that tries the hardest out of everyone you know to impress the girls. Then you probably need to hear this those “don’t like that” they’re not trying to get with a guy who’s literally hitting on every single girl at the club. Just because he doesn’t want to fail that’s being desperate. Be confident and know your worth shows her that you don’t need to be hitting on every girl. Show you’re good your calm you’re confident. The offense is something that every girl finds the attractive right there’s not one girl on this planet who doesn’t agree with that statement.

Being Needy

Mistake number four that makes girls reject you are being overly needy. This is just a fact guys that take girls 20 times you know more than she’s texting them you’re gonna get shut down. I think nowadays dating is fun because you have to find that balance of like okay I won’t show her that I’m interested. But I also don’t want to seem needy I don’t want to be too desperate right because that another simple mistake. So what you want to do is want to show her that you’re serious about this if you are in many different ways. You don’t have to text her and showing that you’re so needy that you need attention because girls don’t want that.

They want a confident guy they want someone who’s there to calm them. If you want to show her that you all about her then plan a surprise for her to do something fun brings on an amazing date. Instead of texting her 30 times a day.

Paying For Everything

The number fifth and the last mistake that makes girls reject you is paying for everything. I see so many guys making this mistake and I get it it’s hard to change this behavior. Trust me you have to stop paying for everything. I know we’re proud and it’s something that honestly feels good sometimes right to pay for meals, taxis, movies, and all. But then you get into clothes and bags a plane tickets all of a sudden you’re digging a pretty hole here that you can’t get out. There’s no need for you to pay for everything even if you do have the money for it.

If the girls expect you to pay for everything then you’re doing something wrong. You should always offer to help you should offer to pay for half of that meal. I think girls should always offer even if they know that you’re gonna pay it’s just nice to know that they appreciate it and that they noticed.

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